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Niacin: Richest Foods for Vegetarians (per 100g)

Niacin acts in fats, proteins and carbohydrates metabolism.
Niacin is also known as Vitamin B3, Nicotinic Acid or Vitamin PP.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Niacin Rich Foods for Vegetarians
205%29NEinstant coffee (100g)
202%28NEspirulina (100g)
136%19NEparsley, freeze-dried (100g)
131%18NEwheat bran (100g)
129%18NEspices, paprika (100g)
124%17NEpeanuts (100g)
123%17NEkellogg's all bran (100g)
104%15NEdried shiitake (100g)
104%15NEpumpkin seed kernels (100g)
101%14NEsunflower seed kernels (100g)
97%14NEdried dulse (100g)
94%13NEspices, tarragon, dried (100g)
86%12NEspices, parsley, dried (100g)
83%12NEspices, spearmint, dried (100g)
78%11NEsesame seeds (100g)
78%11NEred hot chili pepper (100g)
78%11NEspices, pepper, red or cyenne (100g)
77%11NEtoasted sesame seeds (100g)
76%11NEspices, basil, dried (100g)
73%10NEspices, fennel seed (100g)
73%10NEgrains, buckwheat (100g)
73%10NEquaker puffed wheat (100g)
72%10NEchili powder (100g)
71%9.9NEsoybean kernels (100g)
71%9.9NEwhole-wheat pancake dry mix (100g)
70%9.9NEchives, freeze-dried (100g)
70%9.7NElinseeds (100g)
69%9.7NEspices, chervil, dried (100g)
68%9.5NErice cakes (100g)
68%9.5NEskimmed milk (dry) (100g)
67%9.4NEsnacks, pretzels, hard, whole-wheat (100g)
64%9NEspices, mustard seed, yellow (100g)
64%9NEbread wheat flour (100g)
62%8.7NEcheese, parmesan, grated (100g)
62%8.7NEcheese, mozzarella, (52% water, 22.5% m.f.) (100g)
61%8.6NEtoasted sunflower seed kernels (100g)
57%8NEwhole-grain wheat flour (100g)
57%8NEcake wheat flour (100g)
57%8NEspices, thyme, dried (100g)
57%8NEspices, oregano, ground (100g)
56%7.9NEbrown rice flour (100g)
56%7.8NEspices, cumin seed (100g)
56%7.8NEcroutons, plain (100g)
55%7.8NEkellogg's special k (100g)
55%7.8NEhard goat cheese (100g)
55%7.7NEchinese noodles (100g)
55%7.7NEspices, caraway seed (100g)
55%7.7NEspices, sage, ground (100g)
54%7.5NEweetabix (100g)
54%7.5NEsnacks, popcorn, cakes (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Niacin Rich Foods for Vegetarians
85%12NEsoybean kernels (250ml)
66%9.3NEespresso (175ml)
62%8.7NEpeanuts (50g)
58%8.1NEsoybeans (250ml)
50%7NEcheese pizza (140g)
48%6.8NEraw yellow beans (100g)
42%5.8NEwhole-wheat pancake dry mix (100ml poured)
41%5.8NEtaco (140g)
40%5.6NEspaghetti sauce (125ml)
39%5.5NEegg and cheese sandwich (140g)
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